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robert seifert biography

Robert Seifert is a graduate of New York Institute of Technology and holds a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and a Master of Arts in Communication Arts. He has over 23 years professional experience as a graphic artist, and has worked as a creative director for the majority of this time.


His passion for photography, however lifelong, truly rose out of the necessity for quality local photography to use in professionally designed communications materials. This enlisted him to become well versed in the technical aspects of digital photography. The aesthetic side of his work was more of a natural progression given his appreciation of the outdoors and more specifically the unique and picturesque landscape of Long Island, New York. It is this combination of technical mastery of digital photography and a personal passion for the local environment that have inspired and contributed to his photographs. The final result of this combination is a photographic style that is a cross between fine art and photography. The end result yields images that have a painterly mood to them yet retain all the detail of high resolution photography.


His philosophy in terms of the photographic process is more progressive than traditional. Having limited experience with film photography versus extensive experience with digital editing software early on in his career; he believes that working with the current tools available is essential. Post image production today is accomplished with powerful software programs that enable and encourage creative process. Robert’s post image process produces a look similar to the popular HDR photography technique, yet uses only one image exposure. This allows for sharper high resolution images, especially where any type of action, or motion is involved. His techniques include processes that include working with raw image and layered Photoshop files, making custom adjustments that are specific to each image.


Choosing and framing subject for his photography, Robert likes to venture out on local photo expeditions. Exploring Long Island’s coastlines and rural environments in search of hidden treasures. Discovering unique scenery and subjects on these outings feed his enthusiasm for photography. This is truly where his passion lies. His desire to protect our local environment is evidenced through his support of local environmental groups and organizations. He has donated his images to many local organizations such as Quogue Wildlife Refuge, Group for the East End, and Peconic Baykeeper in an effort to help promote the protection of the rural heritage and natural environment of eastern Long Island. Robert also enjoys the more commercial aspects of photography; working as a freelance photographer he is also well-versed in editorial, product, portrait, event, and architectural photography.


A husband and father of two, Robert has lived on the south shore of eastern Long Island since childhood. He enjoys spending summer weekends at the beach with his family and swimming in the ocean and bays. He can be found year-round hiking around Long Island, always, with camera in hand.

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